Sponsor SPECIES for 1 Month in 1 Region


Safe Port Economic Council on Immigration, Exploitation and Slavery (SPECIES), is a global think tank tasked with developing a cooperative economic model to end the trafficking of persons across international borders.

Composed of human rights advocates, leaders of NGO's, and specialists in economics, finance, academia, diplomacy, justice, and various industries, SPECIES takes a democratic, collaborative approach to information gathering, data analysis, strategic development, model building, testing, implementation, monitoring and reporting. Each member of the team is valued equally for his/her geographic knowledge, experience, and expertise, and each member is given an equal voice.

Your donation of $50 will help to offset conferencing costs in one region for one month, as well as other reimbursable expenses incurred by members of SPECIES who selflessly volunteer their time to help end human trafficking in their respective regions. If you would like to sponsor more than one month, please adjust the quantity accordingly.

Please let us know where to mail your tax deductible receipt by providing a shipping address during checkout..