Sponsor Distance Learning - Trafficking Prevention


Through the use of avatars that simulate adults, kids, animals and even cartoon characters, Safe Port Initiative has the ability to create culture-specific content, delivered in the student's native language. In this way, education is made equally available to all survivors -- at all age levels -- on a global level. In areas of our world where sex and labor trafficking present a persistent threat, Safe Port offers trafficking prevention curriculum that teaches potential victims to protect themselves and trains advocates to identify and report incidents of suspected trafficking and exploitation.

Your gift of $40 will enable us to provide our 5-hour trafficking prevention curriculum to one student in any region of the world in a proctored distance education seminar format. (If you would like to sponsor this curriculum for more than one student, please change the quantity to reflect the number of students you'd like to help.)

Please let us know where to mail your tax deductible receipt by providing a shipping address during checkout.