Commemorative Jewel in the Crown of Virtues

If ordering more than one jewel, please use commas to separate names. (22 character/space limit per jewel.)

SPI's Microenterprise Assistance Program, which is generously sponsored by international fashion model and philanthropist Farah Zulakiha, is built upon seven key virtues: wisdom, integrity, perseverance, compassion, generosity, faithfulness and love.

Add your name, or the name of someone you would like to honor, to the Crown of Virtues sculpture in the lobby of SPI's Farah Zulaikha Microenterprise Assistance Center, which will serve as the operations hub of the Microenterprise Assistance Program!  You can reserve your commemorative jewel on the permanent three-dimensional sculpture with a donation of just $25.

A representative of Safe Port Initiative will contact you to ensure that the name is printed according to your specifications. 

22 character/space limit per jewel, please. If more than one jewel is reserved, we will be sure to place all of your jewels in the same cluster.

In gratitude for your donation, Safe Port Initiative will provide you with a color photograph of each jewel you order. Please provide your preferred shipping address during checkout.