"Discover Your Heritage" Anniversary Experience for Tim Madden Including 2 DNA Test Kits, Professional Family Tree Research, Airfare and Accommodations For 2 in the Country of Your Choice, and a Personal Documentary.


Have you ever dreamt of following your roots to the land of your ancestors, meeting relatives you never even knew you had, discovering long-lost family secrets, and unraveling the fabric of your history that makes you YOU?

Your amazing experience will begin with a two complimentary DNA test kits from My Heritage. Once the results of your DNA are received, the fun begins!

First, you’ll select the country of origin that piques your curiosity most (it does not need to be the country that represents the largest percentage of your DNA).

Once you’ve selected a country, a team of genealogy experts begin researching your family tree and significant events that impacted your family’s history.

After they’ve obtained some meaningful leads, the team will assist you in reaching out to relatives you never even knew existed. But you won’t only get to talk with those relatives; you’re going to meet them in person!

That’s right, the next phase of your experience will include airfare for two and lodging for 7 nights in your selected country of origin, where you will trace the footsteps of distant ancestors, meet long—lost family members, and connect with your heritage in ways you never imagined. And you’ll be doing all of this with a film crew in tow!

This brings us to the culminating phase of your experience: the production of your own personal documentary capturing your travels, your discoveries, and all of the precious moments along the way.

What a wonderful way to share your special memories and your heritage with future generations!